Dear friends and animals lovers! The situation at the shelter is DISASTROUS! And we have to beg for help again!

Расскажите друзьям:

There is already a huge debt for dogs’ food for the previous months and we do not have enough funds to pay for the delivery this month. We do try to pay the debts by tiny bits thanks to your donations and support but new expenses do not let us move forward. The debt for today is more than 1000000 rub ​ and it means that more than 1000 animals will be starving and fighting for the leftovers in the cages and we do not even want to think how it can end up!
Please, help us to survive! We had a line of bad circumstances and tragedies one after another without any break to breath and to grow ( we were forced to move the shelter to another city, had to start building the shelter in the field and then there was a fire that took away several animals’ souls and destroyed the constructions and load of food). WE MANAGED TO SAVE THEM BUT WE CAN NOT LET THEM DIE OF ​ HUNGER.

Just look in their eyes! Only together we can help and give them another chance to survive!

If you need extra information and ​ want to help we will gladly reply.

That is how you can help:

Виды помощи


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  1. Lucovka:

    Bank transfer or Western Union is also possible. We will send all the data immediately . Thank you in advance!

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